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Lead Renovation

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Lead Renovation

We are licensed and certified to ensure your home or business does not involve hazardous lead dust. We use lead remediation practices to renovate and repair your property to remain safe and lead-free. According to Oregon Health, "common renovation activities like sanding, cutting and demolition can create hazardous lead dust and chips by disturbing lead-based paint, which can be harmful to adults and children. To protect against this risk, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule) that became effective on April 22, 2010. Cascade Insulation will help you strive for a health, lead-free home!

Common Lead Sources

The most common lead source is lead dust. It is for the most part, very difficult to see. Lead-based paint was used in over 40 million homes until lead paint was restricted around 1978. There are many homes that are still exposed to lead or projects that disturb painted surfaces that can create lead dust. Head over to our home page were we also offer asbestos surveys.


Asbestos Abatement

Cascade Insulation provides asbestos abatement that will specifically test and remove asbestos fiber or any asbestos containing material. 

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Mechanical Insulation

Are you interested in or need help with mechanical insulation services? Working with new and remodeled construction, we provide mechanical insulation of pipes, boilers and tanks.


Mold Remediation

After evaluating mold damage in your home, we will begin the mold restoration process. This may involve repairs, painting, new carpet, or even major repairs depending on the damage presented.

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Testing & Surveys

We provide asbestos testing and surveys conducted in compliance with AHARA standards, utilizing a certified NBLAP independent lab.

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Lead Renovation

Our lead renovation services include any buildings built before 1978 that include schools, hospitals, lumber mills, wastewater plants, and private residents.


Contact Us

Get in touch with Cascade Insulation for any questions or help setting up an appointment with us. Give us a call at (541) 338 - 2600 or fill out a form at the link below.

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